About Scott

Scott Matheny spent eleven seasons serving as the Chaplain for the New York Jets from 1995-2005.  He experienced first-hand the best and worst in leadership in one of the most competitive businesses in the world, the National Football League.

From the lows of a one-win season to the exhilaration of the American Football Conference Championship Game, Scott had a front row seat to watch great leaders succeed and less capable ones struggle.  From regular season pretenders to regular playoff contenders, Scott witnessed the transformation of a moribund franchise to one that garnered respect throughout the League and won.  This metamorphosis was the result of changes in both leadership philosophy and its practical implementation.

Scott brings a unique perspective to the subject of leadership and offers an insider’s view of how these men and their teams experienced success or failed based on how they are guided and directed. Great leadership made the difference.

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  1. Nice job Scott. Received the book and it looks great.

    God bless,

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