Back In School

It has been a little while since my last post and that is mainly because I left my job to go back to school full time.  I am a Master’s degree student pursuing my degree in Management and Leadership.  In between my hours of reading and writing I have been thinking about the Super Bowl match up between the Giants and New England.  Once again Bill Belichick is in the big game.  It comes as no surprise to me since I had them the Patriots pegged as favorites before the season began.  In my mind Brady and Belichick will always be the favorites until one of them retires.  Belichick has four sayings posted in different places at the team facility.  They are

1. Manage Expectations 2. Speak for Yourself 3. Ignore the Noise 4. Don’t Believe or Fuel the Hype

I love these concepts and in the coming weeks I will give my thoughts on each one.  I think each concept can be used in any business or personal situation.  Belichick has a philosophy of coaching that seems to bring out the best in his players.  His players are never really the most physically gifted but somehow they play amazingly well as a team.  He gathers the parts and they are greater than their sum.  Those parts will be in Indianapolis a week from Sunday and I would not be surprised to see them holding the Lombardi Trophy.  Talk with you soon.


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