Congrats Seattle!

For most of my life it has been said that defense win championships and in the era of liberalized rules to help the passing games and offensive fireworks.  Nothing has changed.  Defense wins championships.  Specifically, physical defenses win championships.  The Seattle Seahawks showed once again that football is essentially about hitting, tackling and intimidation.  They were the big boys on the block and Denver, while having shiny yo-yo’s and slinkies could not beat rocks and nails.  The Seahawks reminded me of the 1985 Chicago Bears.  Both teams had marginally good offenses, but exceptional defenses.  At its core, football is won in the trenches.  It is still a game of leverage, strength, and speed.  These are core principles that guide the game.

No matter what one does there are basic elements that lead to success.  For fundraisers, they are passion, relationships, and commitments.  For actors, they are resilienceindex, commitment, hard work, and self-belief.  Every industry has its outliers and those who just prove to be lucky.  But, the key to your success is finding which core principles must be followed and doing them over and over.  As John Wooden used to say, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”

So, congratulations to Seattle and their first championship since “Downtown” Freddie Brown and may we all understand what wins championships in our own lives.

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