Defining Moments

Do you recall those times when you made a decision that turned the tide of your life?  It is like your future hinged on a choice to do this or to do that.  Each one of us has these moments.  They shape us and mold us and send us in a particular direction.  They happen in our personal lives.  They happen professionally.  One meets the right person, makes the right call, finds the right job posting.  Most people are currently trying to decide some course of action.  These decisions ultimately change the direction of their lives.

What does it mean to lead?  It often means coming alongside those people who are in the midst of their defining moments.  Sure people have to decide for themselves and ultimately they will reap both the benefits and consequences of their decisions.  But wise counsel and trusted friends go a long way in pointing the right direction.  Leadership is often defined as influence.  There are times when people need you the most.  They need your wisdom and most often, your listening ear.  Leadership is personal and direct.  It is loving and caring.

Great leaders are sensitdefining moments_page_1ive to those around them.  They are able to see defining moments and be where they are needed most.  Often servant leadership is used to describe this mutual care and concern.  Serving and leading are linked to greatness.  Not many understand this and fewer can do it.  It is when your coworkers, subordinates, siblings, spouses, children and friends need you the most that you will prove your leadership skills.  Anyone can lead in harmony, but in disarray and confusion?  That is the true test of one’s leadership.  Don’t be afraid to reach out when you need guidance and the leadership of others.  Trusted mentors are gold.  Be one and find one.

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