It’s Quittin’ Time

Leaving a job is often a traumatic experience.  There are so many things to consider.  One is actually leaving a relationship, a business relationship.  In many ways it is like a dating relationship.  By nature it is not a permanent relationship for either side.  Either party may end the relationship whenever it desires.  Both parties invest in the relationship and there is loss when the relationship ends.  It can be an amicable parting or a hostile one.  No matter there is a sense of loss.  So, when does one decide to pack up his belongings and leave?  That depends.

I would say that it is critical to reflect on this decision at length.  It is important to look at one’s goals, aspirations, and future hopes and dreams.  It is critical to consider present circumstances and current needs.  It is helpful to understand past decisions.  Each of these elements must be considered when ending a business relationship.  Everyone has unique reasons for leaving a job.  They are particular to him or her.  For most, the job is no longer the best fit.  Jobs change and people change.  What began as the perfect job can easily change into something that just does not feel right.  It is ok to leave and it is best to leave on good terms.  Give plenty of notice and be willing to train others to take your position.

Companies fire their employees all the time.  Employees can fire the position they had without necessarily firing the company.  It is often helpful to look for other jobs within the organization.  Who better to understand a company than an employee?  Leaving may not be good bye.  Openings come and go.  People and organizations evolve.  It is no shame to leave a position.  Quit your job, it you have to.  There will be other positions that fit you like a glove.

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