Just One Degree: A Lesson From The Office

When Greg Daniels decided to adapt the British television show The Office for American viewers he wanted to be true to the original but bring something new to the table.  So, he did.  Talking head interviews, mockumentary format, long lenses and parabolics:  The Office was reborn in America.  It had staying power.  The show was a hit for most of its nine seasons.  How could anything be new and fresh in the United States?  The show’s producers hit on this idea.  They decided to turn atypical American comedy format one degree to the side.  This subtle shift, in their minds, became something completely different in the minds of television viewers.  Whatever your view of The Office may be, there are important principles here.  Be different, create a niche, and commit to one thing.  Turn your ship one degree.

Offering something unique in business is critical to gaining new customers and clients.  Creating a value proposition that no one else can replicate will bring interest.  This goes for any line of work.  One degree from the center line may be all it takes.  Have you created a niche product or service for your business or organization?  This goes for one personally as well.  What can you bring to the table that no one else can?  We were all created uniquely different.  Relish that.  Just like every person’s fingerprints are unique, so each is gifted and talented in his or her own way.  Turn your ship one degree.

A commitmentsteve-carellt to a one degree shift is manageable and critical to every area of our lives.  If you are not where you want to be in your relationships, then commit to just one positive change.  If your company needs a makeover, commit to one initiative at first.  If you find yourself in need of spiritual nourishment, commit to one hour of prayer.  If you want to nurture your relationship with a child. commit to one daddy or mommy date a week.  Having problems with your spouse?  Commit to one change and do it.  Incremental shifts over a long period of time produce great results.  Change the course of your life one degree and you will completely change its trajectory.

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