Omelets ‘N Stuff

When I used to travel with the New York Jets we stayed at very nice hotels.  So nice, in fact, that they always had a dedicated chef to prepare omelets at our pregame meals.  If one wanted an omelet, one simply had to tell what individual ingredients that were needed.  One could either point or simply state, “bacon bits, cheese, mushrooms, etc.”  I loved it.  I could tell that so much preparation had gone into this professional demonstration of omelet making. 

Previous to this I made littleggs3121_005237e effort to prepare for my omelet making.  I would simply crack the eggs, dump them in the pan and stir them up quickly and then make a beeline to the refrigerator to find the ingredients that I wanted.  I would have to navigate this impending disaster by cutting up ingredients and shredding cheese all the while trying to keep the eggs from clumping or burning.  Let’s put it this way, I had about a 50% success rate.  I was never prepared.  I was just “hoping” that it would all work out.  If often turned into scrambled eggs with clumps of things in it.

Pros prepare.  Amateurs do not.  Pros make wonderful, delicious omelets.  Amateurs make clumps of burnt egg matter.  So, you probably already understand the point I am making.  As Coach Wooden used to always say, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”  Preparing is beneficial in so many ways.  It buys to margin for those unexpected distractions.  It allows for better B-plan outcomes.  It builds confidence.  Think about those times that you went into a test prepared versus those times you did not.

Relationships thrive when everything is well thought through and planned. Thing about the worst vacation you have ever had.  It probably fell apart due to lack of planning.  What do you mean Disneyland is closed this week!?  Don’t get me wrong, the unexpected happens, but those who prepare and have some crisis planning make better omelets.  When was the last time that you had a fire drill in your home or place of business? 

Good business requires planning, preparation, crisis management and worst-case scenario policies.  It’s not even about dealing with disasters.  Excellence requires planning.  Well-designed plans make the work easier, more efficient, and the result is a better product or service.  When hiring someone, look for the most organized candidate because this yells of preparation and planning.  When choosing a consultant, look for attention to detail, this screams of planning.  Whether you are making breakfast or hiring a new CEO, find the one who plans.


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