Speak for Yourself

I am studying team dynamics in my master’s program.  There is a concept called “groupthink”, which basically states than many individuals remain silent when they work in teams.   These people basically go along with other group members in spite of having different ideas and possibly disagreements.  They are silent.  Coach Bill Belichick posts the phrase “Speak for Yourself” above one of the entrances at the Patriots’ complex in Foxboro.  I see wisdom in this.  So much of the time, many of us simply acquiesce to others who may have stronger personalities or better formulated opinions.

Everyone has something to contribute.  Your organization will be weaker if only certain voices are heard.  Research does show that a certain amount of diversity in opinions is productive if handled properly.  Don’t let others speak for you.  As you lead, seek feedback.  This will take humility and require you to listen.  Many voices will serve your organization better!

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