A/V Requirements

In order to ensure that you will have a flawless and exceptional experience with Scott, please make sure you attend to all of the following details for his presentation with your organization.

Audio/Visual Requirements

  • A wireless lavaliere (clip-on) microphone (NOT a hand held)
  • A video projector.
  • A projector stand.
  • A large screen (set off to his right – preferably not directly behind him, unless there are other side screens)
  • As much light as possible in the room (just not on the screen)

Room Set-up

  • A riser/stage should be made available whenever any group is larger than 50 people (this is extremely helpful for your people so they’ll be able to see easily.
  • Please keep the distance from the first row of chairs and/or tables to no more than 8-10 feet from the stage.
  • Make sure the doors are facing Scott (i.e. in the back of the room) so that when people need to leave early (or arrive late), they don’t distract everyone else.

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