Energizing Topics!

Scott’s talks are fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining and come straight from his experiences in the world of college and professional sports. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights, stories and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

Scott will show you how to make quantum leaps in productivity and performance. You’ll also:

  •          Lead more effectively and get better results;
  •          Increase performance and productivity;
  •          Think and plan strategically for greater effectiveness;
  •          Walk out motivated, inspired and eager to get back to work.

Scott’s topics include (but are most certainly NOT limited to):

  • The Power of Delegation
  • Leading with Excellence and Commitment
  • Removing the Bad Apples
  • The Power of One
  • Handling the Details
  • Making Conflict Work For You
  • Believe and Achieve
  • Leading From Conviction and Character
  • Overcoming Distractions
  • Leading with Courage

Experiencing radical personal and professional change?  Learn new strategies to not only understand change, but leverage it to your advantage.

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