Taking Stock

It’s half time of the Broncos-Chiefs’ game and I am watching Romeo Crennell do a pretty job coaching Kansas City.  Why is this game so significant to the Chiefs?  Well, for Coach Crennell, it is a second chance.  Romeo aka RAC was a defensive line coach for the Jets when I was in New York and followed Bill Belichick to New England.  RAC got his chance to be the head coach for the Cleveland Browns a few years back and didn’t last long.  The Browns just never seem to turn the corner no matter who coaches them.  RAC is now auditioning for a possible head coaching job again and maybe with the Chiefs.

Bill Belichick had a stint with the Browns as well and was fired.  Belichick got a second chance and learned from his experience and now is an all-time great coach.  We don’t always get second chances to succeed at the highest level.  But, we always get a second chance at some level.  What we do with that second chance often defines us.  Mike Shanahan got a second chance in Denver and won two Super Bowls.

Life is about second chances, about redemption.  Very few of us succeed all the time or even most of the time.  The key to success is learning from the experience and getting better.  Coach Belichick just got a lot better and it has shown over and over.  Romeo Crennell has a chance to show everyone he has gotten better as well.  What will he do with it?

How about you?  Have you been fired? let go? quit?  Have you learned from previous seeming failures?  It is only a failure if you don’t get better.  Success is about getting up off the canvas and fighting again.  Often we get a second chance, but have we learned from the first chance.  Sometimes, no, often times, we have to retool and reinvent ourselves for the second run.  As leaders, it is the nature of our positions to be relieved of our duties.  How we handle that disappoint will ultimately define us.  Get it right the second time.  Analyze what you could have done differently, educate yourself and get better.  Take notes and improve yourself.  Take stock and succeed.

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