Tebow #2

I haven’t been able to watch Tim Tebow play much this season.  I have seen the occasional highlight and post-game interview.  I saw a few plays from the Jets-Broncos game earlier in the season.  For the most part, I have not seen him.  The Denver Broncos are 7-1 with him at the reins and in first place in their division.  They have a tough match up against New England coming up next Sunday and that will test Tebow and his teammates.

One thing I have noticed about Tebow is that he believes.  Obviously he is a man of faith and believes in God and expresses his beliefs openly.  I think that belief steadies his internal ship and gives him the confidence that no matter what happens on or off the field, he is going to be ok.  That kind of contentment confidence engages others and I believe that it helps his teammates.  As a leader, others want to see that you are confident and assured.  They want to see that no matter the storm, you can calm the seas.  Tebow is bringing that to his team.  It is an intangible that cannot be easily measured unless you are looking at the most important measureable…wins.  Tebow has them winning unwinnable games because they don’t quit.

Teams don’t throw in the towel when their leader won’t let them.  That is what Tebow brings, everlasting hope.  They may win.  They may lose. But the leader that refuses to give up gives his/her team the best chance of succeeding. Believing in your team, in each other, in yourself, in your leader, in your philosophy, in your definition of success, will get the most out of your group.

The Broncos are winning these games because they are taking their cues from their leader who refuses to quit.  It is easy to get discouraged and quit.  The road less traveled is often the longer, rockier, uphill one.  Yet, it is that road, the hard road that wins most often.

Ask yourself.  Do I quit?  Do others see me quit?  When I see others quit, what does it do to me?  How can I develop stronger character which will sustain me when things seem unwinnable?  What helps ME believe?

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